Healthcare is one of the fastest changing sectors today. New services and delivery models are evolving across the value chain and life cycle of healthcare operations. We work collaboratively with a wide range of organizations across the health spectrum including hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers and other tech-based enablers in adapting to increasing complexities of the healthcare sector.

Service Offerings across the Life cycle

Amid the changing healthcare environment, businesses need to close the gap between the provider and the receiver of healthcare services, both in terms of time and space. At inception stage, we assist clients looking at new ventures with viability assessment and business plan. During the operational stage, our services are aimed at assisting our clients with diagnostic review, strategic re-alignment and performance enhancement by bringing industry best practices.

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Featured Work

    • Business plan for healthcare real estate and healthcare financing company in Kuwait for an investment firm
    • Pre-feasibility study to assess the potential for setting up a healthcare complex encompassing hospital, medical college and other related infrastructure in the KSA
    • Feasibility study for evaluating the financial viability of a specialized fertility polyclinic in the KSA for a renowned IVF Specialist
    • Evaluation of a CRO Investment Opportunity in North Africa for a leading Investment Holding Company
    • Evaluation of investment opportunity in a leading hospital in the KSA for a premier private equity fund based in Bahrain (encompassed developing detailed financial projections, LBO modeling and valuation)
    • Preliminary assessment for setting up a chain of orthodontic clinics in India for a leading diversified investment holding company based in Kuwait
    • Process reviews and controls testing for a multinational healthcare service provider
    • Identification of process improvement areas for a private sector multinational healthcare player

Impact Stories