Corporate Social Resposibility

Eye Donation Pledge Campaign

PKC Advisory marked its annual CSR calendar with another successful initiative, an Eye Donation Pledge Campaign, conducted on the occasion of World Vision Day (13 October 2016) in collaboration with Centre For Sight.

About 1.1 million people in India live their lives in darkness due to a dearth of available corneas for donation. The Eye Donation Pledge Campaign was aimed at creating awareness towards the cause of corneal donation and to secure eye donation pledges. To gain maximum traction, the Campaign was publicized among PKC Advisory employees and other companies in the office campus (DLF Cyber City Building #5).

The day of the Campaign witnessed 65 confirmed pledges with a maximum potential to give sight to 260 people. In addition, complimentary eye-checkups were also conducted for around 80 people. A colorful wrist-band which read “My Eyes Won’t Die”, was also provided as a token to the pledgers for brandishing their invaluable contribution.