Financial Advisory

Our financial advisory services provide diverse and comprehensive offerings that maybe driven by regulatory or transaction requirements. Our clients benefit from independent and practical advice relating to credit ratings, valuations, risk management and financial reporting.

Rating Advisory

Our rating advisory services help clients secure, maintain or position for a rating upgrade from any of the major international (S&P, Moody’s, Fitch) or regional rating agencies.

Debt Advisory

Our debt advisory services assist clients across the entire issuance cycle from developing a capital funding strategy, supporting in debt issuance and post issuance monitoring and periodic review and optimization of capital structure.

Diagnostic Review and Realignment

Our diagnostic reviews provide a comprehensive health check on operational and financial performance of the business which help in identifying areas of concern, underlying reasons and corrective action plan.

Valuation Services

We help clients make informed business and investment decisions by arriving at fair valuations using alternate methodologies, complex models and analytics and assessing impact on various stakeholders.

Investor Relations Support

We assist clients in developing an effective Investor Relations strategy; and engaging in a clear, consistent, ongoing communication with investors, analysts, rating agencies and other external stakeholders.

Accounting Services

In the wake of frequent regulatory changes, companies need to quickly update/ enhance their accounting practices and financial reporting/ disclosures to adhere to the revised norms; our customized solutions assist clients in adopting these changes in an efficient and seamless manner.